lördag 21 oktober 2017

The Varuna Legion, game 1 - The stand on Kroeb

On the icy moon of Kroeb in the Ariadne system the Varuna Legion has been contracted to defend some important property of Onyx Pro Ltd before its being shipped. This has definitely not been part of a cover up to perform an Invasion with “little green men” somewhere in this system. At 0730 hours SET the outer sensors detect troop movement east-north east of the base and acting PC Sgt Bob Sergeant of the Varuna Rifle infantry chokes on his coffee when the energy signature does not match the Sickles!


With this we welcome Aurelio to the campaign with his Franco-Spanish PMC, the Mireesh War Company, making its debut as attacking force in the Hostile takeover scenario!

The Varuna Legion:
- Rookie Rifle team tier II
- Recruits tier I
- Recruits tier I, 3rd Assault crew (Takes less suppression)
- Recruits tier I, 16th Militia (Last stand – remove all suppression once)
- Irregulars tier I
- LMG section Omega tier II, Bad reputation & adrenaline rush (cannot be promoted, may activate twice once)
- Remote mortar section tier II
- M5 Heavy Patrol vehicle tier II

Mireesh War company:
- Field command 3rd grade, Capitan Andrea
- Remote mortar section tier II, Les Staches
- Heavy Patrol vehicle tier II, Dolly
- LMG team tier III, The weathermen
- Rookie Rifle team tier II, Cruzes Blancos
- Rookie Rifle team tier II, Cruzes Verdes
- Irregulars tier I, Puños Azules
- Rookie rifle team tier I, Cruzes Rojos

The battle field with the very important containers belonging to Onyx Pro Ltd.
The Varuna forces deployed for battle. North is to the left in this picture.
The forward elements of Mireesh deploys aggressively on the eastern border of the combat zone, an LMG team, some recruits and a mortar section. The LMG team immediately lights up the eastern most recruits and break them beyond repair! A Varuna unit, the 16th Militia, return fire causing a few suppression points, and they are then in turn pinned by the Mireesh recruits. The Legion now brings out its big guns and the LMG team is broken by the might of the M5s 22mm Autocannon and the recruits pinned by Varuna Mortar fire from a nearby bunker.

Take up defensive positions!

We´ve been hit!

Reinforce the eastern flank!

They are hammering us from the hill!

The Mireesh have temporarily been beaten back but just then they receive reinforcements! A Field command 3rd grade and a rookie rifle team enters from the east and in the north a Heavy patrol vehicle enters! The Varuna Rookie rifle team that has been rushed to reinforce the eastern flank is caught in the open by the Heavy patrol vehicle and decimated, Sgt Sergeant will never see the family farm back on Varuna 4 again.

Parts of the reinforcements are broken and beaten back but the Mireesh manages to regroup and mount an attack from the south threatening to break the Varuna defensive perimeter using the might of a hill! The Varunians are now boxed in but the Mireesh  are taking heavy casualties – who will break first?

Just as the Varunians on the southern flanks are wavering the LMG section in the northern bunker hits home and disables the Heavy patrol vehicle, the Mireesh are now too few to mount a final assault and are routed!

The very important cargo of Onyx Pro Ltd can now safely be shipped!

AP-rounds loaded, light ’em up!
In the post-game sequence, the 16th Militia gained a new level, Into the shadows, giving them Stealth!

Legion Out!

torsdag 12 oktober 2017

Meet the legion

The Varuna Legion is a PMC created by the Varuna interplanetary government as a supplement to its conventional armed forces, as with most legions its primary goal is to supply the army with experienced personnel, a legionnaire can after completing his or her contract apply for transfer and become an officer in the Varuna army or space navy. Therefore, training is emphasized and the Varuna legion is known for its crack troops. As maintaining a legion fighting in Combat carapace is very personnel intense it also serves as an important employer with many Varunian subcontractors. The Varuna interplanetary government is based on Varuna III in the Varuna system with colonies on the partially terraformed Varuna IV as well as a few colonies on Varuna V & VI.

The legionnaires fight in full body carapace, as this require extensive training recruits and inexperienced soldiers (Rifle infantry tier I-II) are equipped with body armour (inaccurate photos can be found on the blog due to lack in painted minis).

The legion has the doctrine rapid training methods, infantry units may take its first battle honour for 5 EXP instead of 10 EXP.

Due to a recent contract for personnel carriers the Legion can currently be very mobile and this grants the Legion the doctrine Rapid Relocation!

Varuna armor – Light patrol vehicles/jetbikes, Light tank S42 Hydra (will probably change model someday), and M5 Heavy patrol vehicle.

Tier I Recruits

Tier II Rookie Rifles

Tier III Regular rifles – Legionnaires

Legion Out


On the 1st of October we had a participation game day for PMC 2640 at our local gaming club, GoB during one of its gaming weekends! The participation game, "Invasion of Ariadne II"!

We pitted green against red side in the Invasion scenario using the models frequently seen on this blog. The game saw some interest and a few participants expressed interest in taking up the game!

Green side
- Field Command 4th grade, tier I
- Regular Rifle Team, tier III
- Rookie Rifle Team, tier II
- Rookie Rifle Team, tier II
- Light Infantry Team, tier II
- Heavy Patrol Vehicle, tier II

Red side
- Field Command 3rd Grade, tier II
- Light MG Section, tier II
- Assault Infantry Team, tier III
- Irregular Troops, tier I
- Irregular Troops, tier I
- Irregular Troops, tier I
- Rookie Rifle Team, tier II

The game ended with a successful green invasion!

Lots of arms, none wearing a watch!

söndag 1 oktober 2017

Sickles, game 12 - Making a breakthrough

Hi ho folks!
Me and Joel made some new units and some new scenarios to play, as stated previously in another blog post. It reminds us of the scenario 'attrition' in the PMC 2640 rules although we feel that it lacks certain elements, so we made some changes. We introduced a placing/placement 'mini-game' where the key zones should be positioned to fight over, which also dictates where the frontline and defences are. One of them will be replaced with a bunker (per priority level) that counts as a reinforced building, giving us a hard point each. Or, it could be used aggressively. Furthermore, 1/3 of the forces composition points was held as an reserve.

To win the scenario, at game end one side must control more points than his/her opponent. Fluff wise both sides stands down, if none is able to make the breakthrough. Kind off World War 1 style mind you. I don't go into all details here... So, right... the game. Yes!

To the frontline and no mans land, the Sickles brought:
- Field Command 2nd Grade, Captain Staya, tier III
- Regular Rifle Team, Nasty Noses, tier III (new unit!)
- Remote Mortar Section, Ground Gagarin, tier II (again!)
- Light MG Section, Spitting Shpitalny, tier II
- Light Combat Vehicle, Rasputin, tier III (again!)
- Rookie Rifle Team, Velocity Vintovkas, tier II
- Recruits, Kicking Kepis, tier I
- Lhurgg Irregular Troops, Hard Hoofs, tier I
- Lhurgg Irregular Troops, Blue Bandits, tier I
- Lhurgg Nomads, Zero Zeniths, tier II

The Varuna Legion brought:
- Rookie Rifle Team, Whitewood Rifles, tier II (Brave, takes less suppression points)
- Recruits, 3rd Assault Crew, tier I (Brave, takes less suppression points)
- Recruits, 16th Militia, tier I (Last stand, removes all suppression points once per game)
- Recruits, 5th Militia, tier I (Iron discipline, easier to rally)
- Irregular Troops, Red Skulls Assault Team, Tier I (Adrenaline rush, may activate twice in a row once during the game)
- LMG Section, LMG team Bravo, tier III (Superior ballistics, adds 4" in range)
- Regular Rifle Team, tier III
- Light Support Vehicle, tier III
- Light Combat Vehicle, tier III


The two bunkers went down in the middle of the map, within 18" of each other (rifle range). The Varuna Legion brought many rifle units of different tiers, from I to III and an LMG Team (tier III). Oddly enough, the rules states that a Team is larger than Section... LMG Teams are scary! Having a ton of firepower and long range (but low defence!).

The Sickles deployed a mortar (lower right corner of the picture), an LMG Section on the hill, Nomads (with stealth) in the north, HQ in the middle (with 'markerlights' for the mortar) while my tier III rifle unit took the center in the bunker. Stealth units are excellent when advancing (if you have more units than the enemy).

A view from Ground Gagarin, and we can see the almighty turn die! The HQ, as a tier III, now got four members. So, captain Staya, his trusty dog Stoy, a lhurgg warlord and the battle standard bearer. What a team! And yes, Staya is the last model to be removed, what else? I'm one of those guys who gets really sad when animals dies in movies (humans, meh)!

Spitting Shpitalny, overwatches from the hill.

Nasty Noses, my new unit! I'm pleased with the result of painting. They really look like elites, in my humble opinion. Or rather, they look like they actually know what they are doing, instead of seem misplaced in the midst of battle.

Zero Zeniths, the nomads. They got a lhurgg leader with three heads and two drones to indicate that they are not irregulars (giving them stealth, maybe?). I put the drones in the wrong direction, kind off embarrassing for my family name. Heck. Hopefully, they don't read my blog.

One roll to rule them all!
So, basically. '9' --> Many hits --> 3 dead --> broken. Rinse and repeat. Check. Win.

Wave, smile and move back!

Argh, to late! That hurt! A lot!

That hurt too! Few units can withstand three dead in one go! Run for the hills! So, that wasn't a flesh wound!

The Varuna Legion even had Chuck Norris with them! But hey, this unit was never broken (what else?!). And they didn't engage in combat during the game, luckily for me! What a game changer that would be huh?

This was our quickest session ever, an hour, tops. When rolling so many '9's (this game also) and then roll '6's on over half of the hits it goes bye bye very fast fast. The Varuna Legion withdrew, saving the rest of the force some potential trauma. But they would be back! My new unit, Nasty Noses, killed four guys! They didn't disappoint me. What a great first game for them!

It is now 5 wins of 12 games! I'm on fire! I'm on a roll! And! I finally got some levels! Spitting Shpitalny got 'superior ballistics' that granted them a further 4" of range, making them reach 28" now! Deadly indeed! Range is very important in PMC 2640! Especially as LMG units have such low defence value. The recruits, Kicking Kepis, that are 'cowards' (-1 morale) due to battle trauma from earlier games, gained the 'into the shadows', thus gaining the 'stealth' ability. It suits the cowards well! One of my personal favorites (they also got a fan club in the community (consisting of one member, mr. Klang as we call him)), Hard Hoofs, got 'determined'. A deadly skill combined with their high unit size! They will now ignore casualties, so their morale will not falter at first sight of danger.

A bonus picture of the reinforcements moving up to make a breakthrough. The enemy was already falling back by then!

Za Sickles!

onsdag 27 september 2017

Sickles, game 11 - Just passing by

So, another game. Since we are only two persons playing the campaign we allowed us to get a bonus every 5th game to evolve our companies faster. Furthermore, we removed the need to pay to upgrade our companies to the next tier as that would only delay the progress further. So, with much needed kUC to buy tier III units we took the next step and thus gained another doctrine. I chose the 'strength in numbers' which allows me to field an additional unit one tier lower than the tier of battle. Hence, 18 composition points now becomes 20!

This time we played the scenario 'Demolish', setting the Sickles to be defending, again. We made some stupid but in hindsight 'easy-to-fix' errors while making the terrain. As the scenario is played corner to corner, the terrain we set up gave little or no cover, becoming the major factor for the outcome of the battle. So, I short game and not that fun due to the mistake with the terrain. Well well, lessons learned! Since PMC 2640 is so fast played, not much harm were done as we didn't spend hours of playing.

The Sickles fielded:
- (Field Command 4rd Grade) Lieutenant Ruchka, tier I (once again!)
- (Lhurgg Irregular Troops) Hard Hoofs, tier I
- (Lhurgg Irregular Troops) Swift Swords, tier I
- (Grenadiers team) Storozh Smiters, tier II (once again!)
- (Lhurgg Assault Infantry Team) Shiny Slicers, tier III (!!!)
- (Remote Mortar Section) Ground Gagarin, tier II
- (Rocket-Armed Team) Ataka Away, tier III
- (Light Combat Vehicle) Rasputin, tier III
- (Lhurgg Heavy Patrol Vehicle) Alnico, tier II
- (Lhurgg Heavy Patrol Vehicle) Cobolt, tier II

The Varuna Legion fielded:
- (Remote Mortar Section) Alpha, tier II (last stand, can remove all suppression points once per game)
- (Regular rifle team), tier III
- (Field Command 2nd Grade), tier III
- (LMG Section) Omega, tier II (adrenaline rush & bad reputation, may activate two times during one turn, and may not be promoted *boo hiss*)
- (Rocket Armed Team), tier III
- (Irregular Troops) 4th Colonial, tier I (shooting experts, grants a firepower bonus)
- (Rookie Rifles), tier II
- (Rookie Rifles), tier II

This is the first time had so many high tier units! I usually go with the 'quantity has its quality on its own' kind of thinking. And I also maxed out the number of vehicles (3)! They were set as my reserve due to their high movement.
Setup. Lhurggs, HQ, mortar, engineers and the tier III on the right side (robots as stand ins. I hadn't painted my lhurggs in battle armour at that time.).

The Varuna Legion en masse. There is a lot of s*!t heading my way!

Spreading out! The mortar vs. mortar game began! Who moves first, dies.

The Sickles also spread out, staying behind terrain features. The defence was set to defend deep.

View from the central ruins. A major part of the battle.

Sickles got to the ruins! Yeehaa!

Tier III unit taking up defensive positions, remaining there for the rest of the game as a last resort to protect the objective.

Just out of range and sight! Move forward, shoot, move back, regroup. That's the order if any pesky varunians should close in.

Here they come! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

HQ took point, with its high defence and morale! The Varuna train goes choo choo! Officers first mind you!

A small part of the force act as flank threat and locks down a huge portion of the map with the mortar. A stalemate occurs between the mortars while the main thrust of the legion moves forward.

The Sickles defensive positions, now with armor support!

"Kwavak zresvi vlak!" [Roughly translated to: "Eat my 20mm you social program nerds!". Yes, lhurggs have a efficient language that includes a word for 'eat my 20mm', a common phrase in the lhurgg society (mostly between chieftans).]

Rasputins main gun rolled a '9', killing two from the HQ and breaking them! Gee, some luck there! The HQ set an example, falling back! A LMG section tried to return the favour, but with little effect.

The Varuna Legion takes to the woods and sends out the flanking threat to engage. All or nothing!

"You go ahead! We got you covered... sort of..."

Charge the ruins! From all sides, go!

Chaaarge! Fix bayonettes and RPG:s!

"Yikes! Too many sickles here, and too many nines!"

A mish mash of beat up units.

"It's not worth it. Varunians, fall back!" - XO of the Varuna Legion task force

The ruins that were the main scene of battle. The Sickles had few casualties, and they lived happily ever after.

So, first off. Terrain is very important (as with many games). All the terrain features on the Varuna Legions side were aligned to give minimum cover which made the advance mostly taking place in the open. That combined with the fact the they had no vehicles, compared to three long range firing vehicles gave the varunian commander Joel a mighty good headache. I also rolled like two '9's  as my first rolls, almost destroying two units. Later, more '9's were rolled... for my part... Most of my game was just to pass with units, waiting for Joel to make his move, leaving cover. And then, retribution was harsh. Well well. I got my second level on a unit, and a win! Now it's 4 wins of 11 games. Losses in total (number of models) are almost the same now! My mortar got the "semper fidelis", which makes the units to automatically arrive as a reinforcements. It's not a great combo with the stats of the mortar unit, but hey! It's free!

By the way, Joel chose the 'rapid relocation' that allows him to swap positions on half of his units! I really like that we choose so different doctrines and units, cool cool!

söndag 3 september 2017

Sickles, game 10 - Lost in New Teotihuacan

Long time no see, but games have been played! Me and Joel just recently ordered Marcins (Assault Publishing) new game; Shadows in the Void. We have been waiting for a long time for some pew pew in space! Hopefully it is as good as PMC 2640, but we are not that into dog fighting games... time will tell!

In other news me and Joel have made an 'expansion' which contains new units and new missions. Also, we are experimentation a space crossover with the PMC rules. Hopefully, we can have both ground and space combat within the same rules, although those battles are played parallel to each other (and we opt to make them interact (a wet dream came true)).

The game
Since it was many months ago, I don't recall all the details... the scenario was 'Hostile Takeover' making the Varuna Legion forced to advance and capture an downed shuttle containing vital supplies. Vital for the clients hiring the PMC:s at least!

The Sickles sent an expeditionary force to retain the objective, consisting of:
- Lieutenant Ruchka (Field Command 4rd grade), Tier I.
- Spitting Shpitalny (Light MG Section), Tier II
- Storozh Smiters (Grenadiers team), Tier II
- Bullet Bullies (Rookie Rifle Team), Tier II
- Honour Holders (Recruits), Tier I
- Brood Bloods (Lhurgg Irregular Troops), Tier I
- Tribal Tribute (Lhurgg Irregular Troops), Tier I
- Crepit (Lhurgg Heavy Patrol Vehicle), Tier II

The Varuna Legion assault force:
- Varuna Defenders (Rookie Rifle Team), Tier II. Determined!
- 16th Militia (Recruits), Tier I. Last Stand!
- Regular Rifle Team, Tier III
- Remote Mortar Section, Tier II
- M5 Heavy Patrol Vehicle, Tier II
- Light MG Section, Tier II

Deployment and first turns

Deployment. The Varuna Legion deployed their rookie rifles, mortar and LMG on the left flank. Forcing the Sickles to counterattack.

The (determined) Varuna Defenders moving up, covering the supporting teams until reinforcements arrive.

Reinforcements. Tier III Rifle Team, an M5 and 16th Militia.

It's cramped around the crashed shuttle.

The counterattack from Spitting Shpitalny and Crepit. Lhurgg and man working together! <3

(Robots are stand ins for the recruits, as those still are unpainted...). Units go 'over the top' to flank the enemies harassing the area with long range fire.

The brave lieutenant Ruchka waves the Sickles flag in the safety behind some cargo containers. Very brave indeed. Other units spread out to avoid the enemies range of 24"+, preferring the close comfort of 12".

The counter attack is so far sucessful. The mortar is pinned and the LMG is forced to move in the way to cover them. One more suppression point and the mortar would bail! The Varuna Legions returning fire is ineffective.
The encirclement continues. In the north we can see the Varuna 'crater'. The base camp.

*blowing whistle* "Go go go, over the top!".

They volunteered as tribute!
Tribal Tribute survived the incoming fire, by an miracle! Thus, not seeing that they actually we sent like lambs to the slaughter to withhold the legion while the flank attack prepared to engage. In an instance, they broke the determined Varuna Defenders, and then assaulted them causing massive damage, shock, suppression and kills! The left flank was now wide open. Tribal Tribute was out for more blood! They demanded TRIBUTE!

"Yikes! They seem dangerous!"

Sir Varuna bravely ran away, bravely ran away away! The tier I unit forced a total of six tiers of units off the table (with some help, of course). One unit also had 'Determined' which makes them really hard to break! In total, they killed 7 models, gained 6 (!) experience points and became my first unit with a level. They gained 'Brave', which suits them perfectly fine for the deeds they have done! They did a successful charge as this in game 6, so they are real heroes!

The supposed flank attack was now in place, but to late (!). They were pretty surprised that the lhurggs survived! The recruits took the "hill" to gain a +2 bonus in firepower, which was never needed. Much effort for nothing! :)

Reinforcements of doom
The Regular Rifle Team, which isn't that "regular" compared to our other units were indeed scary! First, they blew up poor Crepit! :'( War, war never changes.

Recruits in the fields! Flashing their cool hair cuts as untrained units do! Showing that they mean business!

The Sickles were hit hard by the reinforcements! They even used some bullets to 'convince' some of the troops to head back into the fight! That is what comrades do for one and another!

Fire is coming from all sides! Those pesky Varunians have mostly 18" range units, while Sickles tend to be more close and personal with their 12". So, advance!

The M5 had a 'cat and mouse' game with a unit on the far right, which it later lost. Vehicles are fast, durable but risky. A lucky shot and they are goners. Infantry tend to have an opportunity, most times, to lick their wounds (and they can gain defence benefits from terrain!).

Sickles moving up, with a burning M5 before them. 16th Militia use their 'Last Stand', making them hold out longer than ever anticipated from an tier I unit!
Engineers moving up, a lousy unit by the way (in most circumstances)! They look cool at least! Moving like a pseudo communist science fiction snake!

The flanking maneuver (second one...) is now complete!

Lieutenant Ruchka leads the way, as he got a defence of 10! Try hit me hombres with ombres!

The Varuna Legion withdrew! Now, Sickles had won 3 out of 10 games! Growing steadily more dangerous! Finally, I got a level! It only took 10 games! Many of my units now have 8 or 9 experience points, so they would level up soon! All fallen enemy models (except one and the M5) was downed by Tribal Tribute, the MVP:s of the game! Gee.

Two more unreported games to go! Yupp!