söndag 3 september 2017

Sickles, game 10 - Lost in New Teotihuacan

Long time no see, but games have been played! Me and Joel just recently ordered Marcins (Assault Publishing) new game; Shadows in the Void. We have been waiting for a long time for some pew pew in space! Hopefully it is as good as PMC 2640, but we are not that into dog fighting games... time will tell!

In other news me and Joel have made an 'expansion' which contains new units and new missions. Also, we are experimentation a space crossover with the PMC rules. Hopefully, we can have both ground and space combat within the same rules, although those battles are played parallel to each other (and we opt to make them interact (a wet dream came true)).

The game
Since it was many months ago, I don't recall all the details... the scenario was 'Hostile Takeover' making the Varuna Legion forced to advance and capture an downed shuttle containing vital supplies. Vital for the clients hiring the PMC:s at least!

The Sickles sent an expeditionary force to retain the objective, consisting of:
- Lieutenant Ruchka (Field Command 4rd grade), Tier I.
- Spitting Shpitalny (Light MG Section), Tier II
- Storozh Smiters (Grenadiers team), Tier II
- Bullet Bullies (Rookie Rifle Team), Tier II
- Honour Holders (Recruits), Tier I
- Brood Bloods (Lhurgg Irregular Troops), Tier I
- Tribal Tribute (Lhurgg Irregular Troops), Tier I
- Crepit (Lhurgg Heavy Patrol Vehicle), Tier II

The Varuna Legion assault force:
- Varuna Defenders (Rookie Rifle Team), Tier II. Determined!
- 16th Militia (Recruits), Tier I. Last Stand!
- Regular Rifle Team, Tier III
- Remote Mortar Section, Tier II
- M5 Heavy Patrol Vehicle, Tier II
- Light MG Section, Tier II

Deployment and first turns

Deployment. The Varuna Legion deployed their rookie rifles, mortar and LMG on the left flank. Forcing the Sickles to counterattack.

The (determined) Varuna Defenders moving up, covering the supporting teams until reinforcements arrive.

Reinforcements. Tier III Rifle Team, an M5 and 16th Militia.

It's cramped around the crashed shuttle.

The counterattack from Spitting Shpitalny and Crepit. Lhurgg and man working together! <3

(Robots are stand ins for the recruits, as those still are unpainted...). Units go 'over the top' to flank the enemies harassing the area with long range fire.

The brave lieutenant Ruchka waves the Sickles flag in the safety behind some cargo containers. Very brave indeed. Other units spread out to avoid the enemies range of 24"+, preferring the close comfort of 12".

The counter attack is so far sucessful. The mortar is pinned and the LMG is forced to move in the way to cover them. One more suppression point and the mortar would bail! The Varuna Legions returning fire is ineffective.
The encirclement continues. In the north we can see the Varuna 'crater'. The base camp.

*blowing whistle* "Go go go, over the top!".

They volunteered as tribute!
Tribal Tribute survived the incoming fire, by an miracle! Thus, not seeing that they actually we sent like lambs to the slaughter to withhold the legion while the flank attack prepared to engage. In an instance, they broke the determined Varuna Defenders, and then assaulted them causing massive damage, shock, suppression and kills! The left flank was now wide open. Tribal Tribute was out for more blood! They demanded TRIBUTE!

"Yikes! They seem dangerous!"

Sir Varuna bravely ran away, bravely ran away away! The tier I unit forced a total of six tiers of units off the table (with some help, of course). One unit also had 'Determined' which makes them really hard to break! In total, they killed 7 models, gained 6 (!) experience points and became my first unit with a level. They gained 'Brave', which suits them perfectly fine for the deeds they have done! They did a successful charge as this in game 6, so they are real heroes!

The supposed flank attack was now in place, but to late (!). They were pretty surprised that the lhurggs survived! The recruits took the "hill" to gain a +2 bonus in firepower, which was never needed. Much effort for nothing! :)

Reinforcements of doom
The Regular Rifle Team, which isn't that "regular" compared to our other units were indeed scary! First, they blew up poor Crepit! :'( War, war never changes.

Recruits in the fields! Flashing their cool hair cuts as untrained units do! Showing that they mean business!

The Sickles were hit hard by the reinforcements! They even used some bullets to 'convince' some of the troops to head back into the fight! That is what comrades do for one and another!

Fire is coming from all sides! Those pesky Varunians have mostly 18" range units, while Sickles tend to be more close and personal with their 12". So, advance!

The M5 had a 'cat and mouse' game with a unit on the far right, which it later lost. Vehicles are fast, durable but risky. A lucky shot and they are goners. Infantry tend to have an opportunity, most times, to lick their wounds (and they can gain defence benefits from terrain!).

Sickles moving up, with a burning M5 before them. 16th Militia use their 'Last Stand', making them hold out longer than ever anticipated from an tier I unit!
Engineers moving up, a lousy unit by the way (in most circumstances)! They look cool at least! Moving like a pseudo communist science fiction snake!

The flanking maneuver (second one...) is now complete!

Lieutenant Ruchka leads the way, as he got a defence of 10! Try hit me hombres with ombres!

The Varuna Legion withdrew! Now, Sickles had won 3 out of 10 games! Growing steadily more dangerous! Finally, I got a level! It only took 10 games! Many of my units now have 8 or 9 experience points, so they would level up soon! All fallen enemy models (except one and the M5) was downed by Tribal Tribute, the MVP:s of the game! Gee.

Two more unreported games to go! Yupp!

måndag 5 juni 2017

Lhurggian standoff

Last time we left while some of our heroes were on their way to a Unity administrator in New Eslöv, looking for work. The small group consisting of Cpt. Sargent, Corporal McIntosh and Dabby D were going thru the seedier part of the seedy town of New Eslöv when they when they suddenly heard an angry cry, a Lhurrgian battle cry! They had walked into Hanz Reynolds, older brother of Burt! He cried out for revenge for his brother who was now dead at the hands of the farmer.
With him he had two (really evil) goons, and so the two opposing crews lined up [old western music playing] and so they all drew their weapons and unleashed deadly volleys of lead and laser. Cpt Sargeant bailed after taking a salvo from Hanz rattlegun but not before inflicting a hit on Hanz, but as the tough three-headed Lhurgg he was he did not even flinch! Cpt Sargeant however got his nerves together and shot down the gigantic Lhurgg with his mighty fury rifle!

On both the flanks a lot of fire was traded but after Hanz was taken down it was clearly a losing battle for the goons and soon the both fled.

[Western music]
 Take cover!
Hanz meets his fate

All this fighting however meant that the group was late and as per Unity law 41-773 paragraph 783 subsection 3C they were immediately taxed and had to hand over 5 items from their armoury, mostly hand guns, some not operational...

Crew Gabriel managed to recruit a new member, The Wrench, a technician who has left a local tech guild looking for wealth... If the crew keeps expanding like their supplies will surely start to dry up and the cramped living conditions may cause friction and rivalries...

The crew also learned a lot about the local area this turn. The settlement of New Eslöv is controlled by the Oflon militia, which is the only form of government that exists around these parts. It takes its name from the valley, the Oflon Valley. They have just recently gone to war with the corporation Gemedia Inc, a former Consulting company that has left its home world after a bloody reclaiming campaign from Unity and set up shop here in the Oflon valley, now mostly focusing on electronics production, it controls the water flow in the two rivers in the valley, Oleg & Eleg.
Recent increases in electricity prices due to reduced flow in the Eleg, and the ensuing water shortage, has led to conflict with the Oflon Militia.

ID-10T played with some loaded dice and although he won he also made some enemies as he ripped of the Pirate gang Black beardz, he got out without a scratch to his plating, this time.

The group also looked-for work and found a new patron, an Alien renegade, Jazar Slipko, he wants the spokesperson for Gemedia Inc. and former war hero, Jude Adams dead!

Distress call!

When heading home from New Eslöv the group receive a distress call from a local farmer:

"This is Eric Walker of Qualin farm [Heavy breath] I´m under attack from bandits [Gun fire] DAMN YOU YOU M*****!! [Heavy gun fire].

The crew decide to check this out and heads there as it is very close.

Upon arriving they find a scene of carnage as several bandits are skulking about trying to out manoeuvre the old farmer, protecting the entrance to his mushroom cave. Cautious and suspecting a trap Cpt Sargeant sends Tippley, Elsa (the singer) and T2-M4 (all crew Öwall) down the left flank, himself and Martin L to the right and Corporal McIntosh with his hunting rifle climbs the central rock to find a good sniping position.

In the centre, the old man, holds off the bandits for several turns, even inflicting some casualties.

But he cannot hold out forever and outflanked he takes a hit and goes down.

The crew works their way up each flank, eliminating opposition wherever they find it. On the left flank Elsa brawls with one of the bandits she manages to jump from behind but fails miserably and is put out of action. Instead Tippley and T2-M4 takes on the bandits on the left flank and manages to kill them both after a prolonged exchange of fire and some brutal hand-to-hand combat.

On the right flank Martin L evaporated one bandit with his Blast pistol, this opened up the bandits flanks and Cpt Sargent annihilated the bandit leader with his powerful Fury rifle. With this the bandits were done for and retreated.

But what about Corporal McIntosh? He peeked out over the battlefield from atop the rock several times but was meet with guard fire and bailed every turn
The old farmer miracously survived, he thanked the crew for their help and gave them some medical supplies and an instruction manual, Martin L learned Intrusion. Elsa suffers moderate wounds and will be out for quite a few turns.

Crew Öwall recruited an ex-cop Jack Russel, a man who left a nameless industrial planet after the mafia killed his family, and he´s looking for revenge! The Öwall crew also recruited a goon.

Looking for work the crew managed to get an appointment with a Unity administrator and it is on their way there we leave our heroes...